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Accurate Market Information Support,
independent from Usage or Situations

Market Information Collection・Data Definition Maintenance・Development Support


Sometimes the data, although systematically fed and seemed to have no problems, are claimed to be incorrect. The data error may occur in some circumstances although they usually flow smoothly.
Just taking the data from the distributor does not meet the requirements. We don not know how to develop the definition to obtain the correct data constantly, nor we know the appropriate way to get the desired data.


Solutions from Setacoms

Compared the client's goal to the current situation, and establish the plan. Provide comprehensive support plans for data validation, data definitions, management procedures, and the implementation with the client's development teams. If necessary, the additional assistant to license check, market desk service including identification of bugs, and consistent assistance to datafile from definition, provision and maintenance are provided.


Up-to-date market data services required

Reception of data from distributors, in-house maintenance and input information, and changes in market and corporate activities are all woven into market information. These must be defined by each individual field according to the company's system. The closing prices, for example, may be defined depending on the purposes as, the closing prices, the adjusted closing prices, and the reference prices on the following day. Because the definitions of financial information and corporate actions are defined differently among the countries, it is required to define each item in the same manner and reflect to the system development. In this way, the decisions could be made based on the same investment criteria.


Securities Company /
Data Management Division

Although output data in general are interpret in many ways depending on the different viewpoint, our data are not misleading because of the clear-cut definition set by Setacoms. We believe that our data improved its accuracy more.

Asset Management Company /
IT Division

We could outsource only data validation and testing part in the assembly and development of the data logic. We appreciated that Setacoms cooperate well with our internal development team.