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Analyzing the data from various aspects will clarify the options in future.
Setacoms, as an expert in global financial market, will support your business decisions.

about us

about us

 As a pioneer as market data scientist, for over the decade, I have been interacting with financial market data at foreign-affiliated information vendors and asset management companies. In the meantime, data segmentation and acceleration of processing speed has progressed very rapidly. This trend has demanded the business participants more to capture data from complex angles, and systematize them. On the stage of market data science which goes one step ahead of this trend,Setacoms has started to take an innovative position as a “specialist team for financial market data in Japan”.

 In addition to the know-how and the experience we have accumulated, our strength is to constantly update the world's most advanced information in finance and technology and to innovate ourselves. We thrive for being at the forefront of global market data science, by meeting the customers' needs, proposing solutions and improving our services.

 In addition to providing technical skills related to finance and IT, we keep in mind a careful and detailed one by one follow-ups for the projects such as alliances and contracts with overseas markets. It is our pleasure to be close to our clients and grow together in our long-term relationship.

 Setacoms will continue to support the global financial business as the pioneer in the fields of market data science.

President & CEO Market Data Scientist
Yoko Saito




Management of Non-Systematized Information, Data Entry requiring expertise

Even if data acquisition is systematized, manual maintenance of data is still needed because the market information must be handled with delicacy and high accuracy.The maintenance of high data accuracy requires the personnel with specialized knowledges who takes much longer time to be trained than others. Under these circumstances, the knowledge and know-how on market data management is needed because the data must be updated by its own format with appropriate timing which fits to the original system and internal processes.


Overseas Financial Information - From Maintenance through Negotiations

As the domestic financial market matures, the trading markets expand globally to those in the US, China and Asian countries. Due to the difference in license related matters and market customs, close contact and negotiation with overseas information vendors, exchanges, index providers and others are inevitable to manage sensitive financial market information. Communication with different language and culture often times brings delay in action, becase it is hard to understand the intention in each other and there is no specialist within the company.


Organize Strong Internal Market Data Team

Stock price information,price charts,analyst reports, company information,indices,foreign exchanges,futures,bonds, ...Although we handle various market information,we must maintain an accurate and complete information.We need to take an immediate action when data or system failures occur.We have to investigate the reason and notify to the clients if there is an impact to them. In spite of those actions being required, We had no specific division to dearl with and the issues were sent around It Division,Management Division and Business Division.


Accurate Market Information Support,independent from Usage or Situations

Sometimes the data, although systematically fed and seemed to have no problems, are claimed to be incorrect. The data error may occur in some circumstances although they usually flow smoothly. Just taking the data from the distributor does not meet the requirements.We donot know how to develop the definition to obtain the correct data constantly, nor we know the appropriate way to get the desired data.

project flow

hearing & meeting

Initiate the intensive hearing, for identifying and understanding the issues
to offer the best solutions for your concerns.

proactive support plan

Offer the exclusive plans based on your budget and a range of support.

internal review

Your turn to review the plans internally.
We willcan provide additional documents upon your needs.

start a project

Keep monitoring and give necessary updates for the project.
To provide the best support we are flexible to add support staff without any additional fee.


On the Stage of Market Data Science,
Experience a World-Class
"New Work Style"

Demonstrate your IT skills, communication/English skills, financial knowledge, and any other skills as a professional, to challenge a new style of working in Japan. Setacoms proposes the "lifestyle-based working style", which it believes is the strengthened concept from "work-life balance".

You can make a flexible working shift that fits to your children’s' schedule, or choose a part time shift for your other careers. You may start early in the morning or leave early in the evening. Setacoms' staffs work in their own style. Having its office in Setagaya, not in the central Tokyo, Setacoms makes it possible to its employees to reduce the burden of commuting.

Setacoms is the home for both Japanese and non-Japanese professionals who find values in the world-leading business domain called "Market Data Science" and in the new working style in Japan. E-mail Setacoms for further information.

If you are interested in, please feel free to contact us!

company info.

Name Setacoms, Inc.
Establish May 1, 2013
Business Financial Market Data Consulting Service
Financial / Corporate Information Data Base Service
Investment Information System Development Support
Address 〒157-0066
#101 Grand-Maison Seijo 6-14-11 Seijo,
Setagaya-ku Tokyo, 157-0066 Japan
President & CEO Yoko Saito
Capital JY 30,000,000
Tel 03-6320-5462 (*access available from mobile phone and PHS)
Monday - Friday (exclude Sat/Sun. & National Holidays)
Clients Japanese Securities Companies.
Japanese / non-Japanese Financial Information Vendors.
Information Development Company


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*The personal information we have acquired will be properly handled by the company and used within the purpose of use.

Policy on the Protection of Personal Information

Jan. 4, 2017
Setacoms, Inc. President & CEO Yoko Saito

Setacoms, Inc. (hereinafter called "Setacoms") dully recognizes that protecting personal information is the prerequisite to perform the business activities and fulfill the social responsibility. Setacoms is committed to protect the personal information and business associates based on the following policies.

  1. In case that Setacoms collects personal information directly from the clients, it must disclose the purpose of use, obtain the consent, and use the information within such agreed purpose.
  2. Setacoms maintain the accuracy of the acquired personal information and manage it securely.
  3. Setacoms complies with laws and regulations on the protection of personal information, and with any other guidelines and standards set by the Japanese government.
  4. Setacoms does not provide personal information to third parties without the prior consent of the person, unless otherwise defined by the law.
  5. Setacoms will take appropriate and rational security measures to prevent loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of personal information, and against the risk of unauthorized access from the outside.
  6. Setacoms always recognizes the importance of personal information, conducts training on proper handling of personal information for its officers and all employees, and strives to ensure thorough compliance in business.
  7. Setacoms will set up an "Contact for the Protection of Personal Information" to receive complaints and consultations from the clients. For complaints / consultations, please contact the following contact information.

【Contacts related to the Policy for the Treatment of Personal Information】
Mail :
Tel : 03-6320-5462