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Management of Non-Systematized Information

Database Management・Data File Provision


Eeven if data acquisition is systematized, manual maintenance of data is still needed because the market information must be handled with delicacy and high accuracy. The maintenance of high data accuracy requires the personnel with specialized knowledges who takes much longer time to be trained than others. Under these cirumstances, the knowledge and know-how on market data management is needed because the data must be updated by its own format with appropriate timing which fits to the original system and internal processes.


Solutions from Setacoms

Provide data defined by the purpose, and took data from the correct source (a source of highly reliable information such as published corporate information), and made by the format fitted to the client's format, in a timely manner. Depending on your request, provide the data as earlier the better, or on the exact date you instructed. CSV data field may be customized upon your request. The original "operating procedure" is created when the data file as qualified as the one used in a financial institution is finally provided.


The latest market data management required

Security masters and financial information, adjusted by the corporate actions and capital changes, are not considered accurate only by following the source information. They are required to provide the data defined by its purpose of use, whether they are only viewed as investment information; or used in the system for trading, calculation or analysis; and at the appropriate timing neither too late, nor too early.


Securities Company /
Data Management Division

Although most market information is systematized, it is difficult to take detailed measures such as trade name changes or securities code changes due to merger in overseas securities. It was so helpful to outsource maintenance activities. Our staffs who used to involve to manual maintenance could focus on their main works.

Asset Management Company /
Data Management Division

The corporate financial information both in Japan and overseas are published in document style such as PDF. Providing it in CSV data format was helpful and made it simple to put into the Internal DB. The representative in Setacoms was familiar with finance and also provided the satisfying data quality level.