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Organize Strong Internal Market Data Team

Market Data Quality Management・Dedicated Support Desk


Stock price information, price charts, analyst reports, company information, indices, foreign exchanges, futures, bonds, ... Although we handle various market information, we must maintain an accurate and complete information.We need to take an immediate action when data or system failures occur. We have to investigate the reason and notify to the clients if there is an impact to them. In spite of those actions being required, we had no specific division to deal with and the issues were sent around It Division, Management Division and Business Division.


Solutions from Setacoms

Organize the exclusive market data desk for clients. Such desk undertakes data monitoring tailored to the markets being used, verifies data accuracy, and reflects changes occurred to markets, listed companies and data providers. It performs as the entry for inquiries from clients and coordination with IT division. Unlike usual call centers, it examines the measures for quality control, and proposes and executes the implemented plans. In the medium to long term, it aims to establish the claim-free environment for the client.


The latest Procedure to manage market data, required

Market value information including stock prices, indices, futures, and foreign exchanges needs a daily monitoring based on data update scenarios. The scenarios cover from pre-opening to opening of the market, processing of closing prices, market holidays and trading hours. There needs someone to examine the data accuracy reflecting possible price fluctuations and markets directions. When unusual data appear, Setacoms takes the immediate action to recover, or reassure the system.


Asset Management Company /
IT Division

Setacoms detects and settles the system failure which cannot be found through the monitoring function. As it takes actions before the user notified, we could reduce the adverse effects.

Asset Management Company /
Data Management Division

Since we are obliged to report the error in our market information that the end users may make incorrect investment decisions, it’s support talkes preventive measures and is very helpful.