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Management of Overseas financial Information
- From Maintenance through Negotiations

Collaborative Support between Clients and Overseas Information Sources


As the domestic financial market matures, the trading markets expand globally to those in the US, China and Asian countries. Due to the difference in license related matters and market customs, close contact and negotiation with overseas information vendors, exchanges, index providers and others are inevitable to manage sensitive financial market information. Communication with different language and culture often times brings delay in action, because it is hard to understand the intention in each other and there is no specialist within the company.


Solutions from Setacoms

Not only their English skills, but also their communication capabilities with overseas markets are the strength of the specialists in Setacoms. They negotiate issues with overseas parties, and involve in operations as much as possible. If needed, they explain the intention of overseas vendors with the insights on different customs. They perform as the bridge between the parties so that the client may decide as intended, and avoid undesired actions.


The latest dealing method with overseas information required

Permissions on the use of market information are very much defined in detail among overseas information vendors and exchanges. Negotiations to establish appropriate and convincing relations, with regard to the purpose of use (internal use / external distribution / browsing terminal, etc.), update frequency (real-time / delayed data / closing price), the level of data usage(basic market price information / multiple quotation) are required. Periodic reports and occasional usage reviews. may also be asked from overseas parties.


Securities Company /
Data Management Division

Although we expanded the number of overseas dealing markets, we faced difficulties with those parties without an internal communication channel. Not only the English support, but also the detailed explanations on unique expressions used in different culture by Setacoms could lead us to a cost-efficient negotiation.

Securities Company /
Corporate Planning Division

Costs or usage for market data were not fully aware within the company. Setacoms, as if they were our internal team, organized them clearly for us or the people from other divisions to understand easily.